Your website talks a lot about integrated services what does that mean?
There are a number of challenges, risks and obstacles that face business owners in the current economic environment. We help businesses address the risks, compliance concerns and the pressures of controlling and reducing their overhead expenses. The most effective way to do that is by combining the talents and services of our interrelated disciplines and integrating the communication and the transactions between them using the advanced digital tools of the ABA System™. The System, its design and ABA's Employer Services Provider™ model increases an employer's efficiency by integrating all products, services and disciplines into a Single Entry Multi-Function Interface.

Do you do business only in Colorado?
No, we are based in Colorado but we do business throughout the United States.

Do your clients have to take all of the ABA services or are they a´ la carte?
While we offer a wide variety of services to employers, each client can use the service or the services that most benefits them and helps achieve their goals.

Do you do fee-based benefits consulting?
Yes, that is one of our services along with the design, brokerage, sales and service of a variety of employee benefits plan.

Do you own the ABA System™ technology or do you rent that from someone?
We own this unique and proprietary technology which gives us the ability to control the service and make changes that increase the functionality for our clients. The functionality of ABA's Employer Centric System was designed to increase an employer's efficiency, help manage risk and enhance their compliance. The functions built into the System are based on input from business owners from many different industries and from all parts of the country.

Does the ABA System™ communicate with other vendors?
Yes, the System has the ability to digitally communicate with our payroll partner, insurance carriers, Third Party Administrators, 401(k) administrators, Cobra Services providers and any entity that can receive a fax, secure data transfer or secure email.

Which medical insurance carriers do you represent?
Anthem, Aetna, Humana, Kaiser, Assurant, Cigna, Reliance Standard, Transamerica, American Fidelity, United Healthcare, UNUM and many others.

Is ABA a broker or an agent and what is the difference?
ABA is an insurance broker. A broker has the ability to quote, present, sell and service a large number of insurance products from all major carriers. This enables us to deliver highly innovative products at the most competitive price. Conversely, an agent typically works for only one carrier and does not have the freedom to represent all of the available products and insurance companies to their clients.

Why is it important that your payroll service is Millennium based?
Millenium provides a powerful, flexible and comprehensive payroll processing system that has a user-friendly web portal and can take data entry from a wide range of time management systems. Our ABA System™ can transfer new hire information, demographic changes, benefits payroll withholds and terminations directly to the payroll database saving our clients time, increasing employer convenience and reducing errors.

Do you have multiple carriers for Workers' Compensation and Property-Casualty coverage?
Yes, our Commercial Insurance and Workers' Compensation affiliate CoWest Insurance Consultants represents at least 15 different markets, providing our clients with the most effective coverage at the best price.

Do you offer Cobra and FSA Services?
Yes, through multiple vendors of the employer's choice or the employer can use ABA's Cobra and FSA vendors.

Is the ABA System™ web-based?
Yes, the only tool our clients and their employees need to access the System is a compatible web browser.

Is your Human Resource consulting fee based?
Yes, there several methods we use for the HR fees: contract, retainer, hourly and task-based.

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