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Company Overview

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Advanced Benefits Advisors, LLC is an Employer Services Provider™ (ESP) that delivers uniquely crafted, cost saving employee benefits and a wide variety of related services to private and public employers of any size. ABA's professionals combine personal customer service with state-of-the-art technology to help employers succeed in their business endeavors.

In the current economic environment, employers are faced with the rising cost of employee benefits and with trying to accomplish more tasks with fewer resources. Employers of all sizes are faced with a rapidly expanding list of complex tasks and government compliance requirements. The professionals at ABA bring cost savings and enhanced efficiencies to this increasingly more complicated environment.

ABA's proprietary technology provides its clients with digital tools that help streamline and improve business efficiencies, employee operations and regulatory compliance. ABA's benefits experts will use ABA's quoting tools to present clients with various plan and funding options that help define, compare and contrast an employer's potential employee benefits savings.

From group products to voluntary benefits, from estate planning to employee assistance programs, from background checks to paychecks, from guided HR compliance to full-featured HR, ABA can customize a program to fit an employers' employee benefits, insurance and human resource needs.

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Employee Benefits

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Advanced Benefits Advisors works with its clients to research its group benefits needs, analyze the entire marketplace and suggest solutions to providing the best set of benefits at the best prices available. ABA explores and educates customers on the cost-saving advantages of both the fully insured and partial self-fund worlds of health insurance financing. ABA represents all state and national carriers and provides the most complete analysis of your year-to-year needs using the HiIQ quoting system. We believe that in today's environment you need to selectively purchase as little as you need, as opposed to as much as you can afford. Carriers are always cyclically competitive, and no one can help you utilize this to your advantage like ABA can.

Group Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, Retirement Plans, Cafeteria Plans, Cobra Services, HRA, HSA, Voluntary Plans

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Human Resource Outsourcing and Consulting

Back to top.Human Resource Outsourcing and Consulting

Advanced Benefits Advisors Human Resource professionals can help you manage you most valuable resource, your employees. We provide Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) to assist companies with their employment responsibilities and their regulatory compliance. Our areas of HR focus are Human Resource Management, HR Assessment, Recruitment and Training.

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Property and Casualty Insurance

Back to top.Property and Casualty Insurance

Through CoWest Insurance Consultants, Advanced Benefits Advisors offers a comprehensive set of commercial insurance products to protect your business. We have the resources to meet a broad spectrum of insurance needs for business owners to cover the complex array of risks you face. We can provide advice in analyzing those risks and recommend an insurance package to assure comprehensive, cost effective protection.

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Workers' Compensation Insurance

Back to top.Workers' Compensation Insurance

All employers are required to carry Workers' Compensation insurance to cover medical expenses and lost wages in the event of a work related injury or illness. Even from the same insurance carrier, premiums can very widely depending on how your policy is set up, how the risks are analyzed and how the policy is underwritten. The knowledge and experience of your broker can make a significant difference in the value received for your premium dollars. Advanced Benefits Advisors through CoWest Insurance Consultants will analyze your Workers' Compensation situation and utilize a variety of techniques to secure the best rate for your company and your risk. Ongoing risk management and safety programs can help you reduce your costs now and in the future.

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Payroll – Timekeeping - Labor Management

Back to top.Payroll – Timekeeping - Labor Management

Payroll: Advanced Benefits Advisors delivers their clients a comprehensive web-based payroll solution with powerful reporting capabilities & second-to-none functionality. ABA's web payroll solution runs on a Millennium platform, which is industry recognized for its formidable capabilities.

Data Integration: With the ABA System™ transferring new hire information, demographic changes, benefits payroll withholds and terminations directly from the ABA System™ to the payroll database saving our clients time, increasing convenience and reducing errors.

Timekeeping: ABA can also provide timekeeping solutions, to help ABA clients significantly reduce their labor costs. By reducing the amount of human error & virtually eliminating 'keying-in' payroll data, ABA clients could see their labor costs come down by up to *8% (*recent American Payroll Association study). Timekeeping solutions will also reduce legal liability by reducing exposure to Department of Labor audits – which have been on an increase lately.

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Advanced Digital Tools, the ABA System™

Back to top.Advanced Digital Tools, the ABA System™

  • Save time
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Increased compliance
  • Accomplish more with fewer resources
  • Enhanced employee communication
  • Concentrate on revenue enhancing tasks

The ABA System is designed to help employers simplify their business lives, save time and money and accomplish more with fewer resources.

Internet Based

Securely connect to the ABA System™ from anywhere to quickly and efficiently tackle the onerous tasks of HR and Employee Benefits management. No software to load or maintain. All system upgrades are automatically available. 

Single Entry, Multiple Function System

Once the data is in the system you and your employees will have access to a multitude of time saving functions designed to enhance your compliance efforts and increase the accuracy of your benefits and HR transactions. 

Comprehensive Database

Track multiple fields of data on your employees and their dependents. Maintain complete and accurate records of their employment data and their benefits elections. 

Human Resource Information System

Comprehensive database designed to capture, display, integrate and transmit the significant data that enables an employer to efficiently manage HR information. A full-featured life event manager adds to this tool's functionality.

Employee Benefits Management System

This is an employer or employee self-service system that displays benefit design options, rates, employer contributions, documents and forms. It tracks all of the enrollments, enrollment changes, demographic changes and termination. This tool integrates with the payroll interface, the HRIS and the benefits invoice system. 

Customizable New Hire and Termination Checklists

The ABA System incorporates customizable New Hire and Termination checklists to digitize and automate the complex tasks involved in processing new hires, managing current employees and properly terminating employees.

Notification Module

Provides automated fax and email notifications to an unlimited number of carriers and 3rd party vendors for new hire notification, benefits enrollment, benefits changes, benefits terminations and employee terminations.  

Auto-Fill Forms

Insurance carrier benefit enrollment forms, federal government forms and employer generated forms can be automatically populated with demographics stored in the ABA System database. This tool substantially reduces the aggravations and excessive time spent to complete the numerous HR and benefits forms by hand and provides a digital record of all forms generated on the system.

Document and Forms Management

The ABA System can digitally store, manage and efficiently deliver a wide range of HR and employee benefits forms to include those that have been populated with the auto-fill forms tool.

History Tracking System

Collects and tracks a number of important benefits and HR events and helps analyze statistical data to aid the employers with Department of Labor and federal law compliance.

Automated Benefits Invoice Generation

Provides a single billing format for multiple services and employee benefits products. The system generated invoices are accurate because they draw from the dynamic information generated by enrollment and termination actions captured by the system. This functions dramatically reduces the time spent every month reconciling invoices from insurance carriers.

Payroll and Benefits Integration

Any benefits or database changes that affect the calculation of payroll are captured by ABA System and can be faxed or emailed to our payroll vendor.

Report Writer

Information in the database fields can be collected, sorted and filtered into customizable and time saving digital reports.

Customizable Intranet

You can quickly build a company intranet that keeps your employees up to date on the latest company information, vacation and holiday schedules, contact numbers and forums.

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Business Continuation

Back to top.Business Continuation

Protecting one of your most valuable assets. For many business owners, the value of their business represents one of their most significant assets. Business Continuation Planning or sometimes called Succession Planning it the process business owners go through with their partners, stock holders and their insurance broker to put in place a set of plans to deal with the death or disability of a major shareholder or a key employee.

There are a number of difficult questions that must be answered during this process to make sure the owner's heirs receive full value for business in the event of the owner's pre-mature death or disability.

ABA can assist you and your attorney with the proper planning, creative insurance design and affordable funding so that passing on the value of your business to your heirs or key employees can be achieved.

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Communication And Enrollment Services

Back to top.Communication And Enrollment Services

Advanced Benefits Advisors provides professional and consistent communications to your employees throughout the entire enrollment process to both understand their benefits and appreciate them. A sound benefits package is a plus for any company, no matter the size, but only if employees know and understand what is available to them.

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Background Screening

Back to top.Background Screening

Advanced Benefits Advisors has partnered with FactualSearch to offer employers a pre-employment screening tool that is available directly from ABA's technology system.

FactualSearch is a dependable and easy to use pre-employment verification and information service. It is one of the most comprehensive and reliable pre-employment information providers today.

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Employee Assistance Programs

Back to top.Employee Assistance Programs

Advanced Benefits Advisors has partnered with MINES & Associates to provide clients with one of the country's best Employee Assistance Programs.

MINES & Associates is a national psychology firm specializing in health and organizational psychology programs. The Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) provided by MINES are designed to both assist employees and support the productivity and profitability of employers.

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Voluntary Benefits

Back to top.Voluntary Benefits

Advanced Benefits Advisors and their voluntary benefits experts work with employers and employees to customize their benefit programs by using products from selected carriers to fill the gaps and needs that are often not covered by core benefit products.

Voluntary Benefits offer businesses a means in which to attract and keep high-performing employees who recognize the importance of a competitive salary and benefits package. Yet in today's increasingly competitive environment, containing costs might mean saying "no" to employee pressure for an increased benefit package.

One excellent solution to this budgetary dilemma is offering payroll deduction insurance to your employees to supplement a company's existing benefits. Recent surveys indicate that over the past 10 years, employee interest in buying insurance through payroll deductions has doubled. Employees concerned about their future will see the value of a voluntary payroll deduction insurance program. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

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Individual Insurance Products

Back to top.Individual Insurance Products

Advanced Benefits Advisors works with individuals to design insurance programs to fit each individual's own needs while also protecting his/her assets. ABA conducts a product market survey to properly identify, analyze and determine the correct benefits to fit an individual's needs and budget. Clients will be shown the most cost-effective solution to address both short-term and long-term needs and goals.

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